Mary Kate and Ashley’s new clothing range for The Pennsylvania Dutch.

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Remember when Mary Kate and Ashley decided to launch their own clothing labels? Not the pre-teen ASDA/Walmart stuff.

The Row: their high fashion couture line and Elizabeth and James: their moderately priced, laidback collection.

I remember when The Row was launched in 2007, I read about it in Teen Vogue. It had some beautiful fur coats and tailored suits but due to the exclusivity and price range, purchasing an item from their label became a dream.

The Olsen’s launched a diffusion line called Elizabeth and James, named after their siblings, in 2008. This line featured more affordable and widely available versions of The Row. It received positive reviews and the twins carried on their lives as little fashion junkies.

Personally I had forgotten all about this line until today and upon research realised why the labels are not as reported as they once were…

Let’s start with The Row.

What was the first thing that came into your head? Was it the fact that you need to turn off your electricity and marry at 14 to wear these clothes? The (Amish) Resort 2011 features an interesting show of materials. Leather vests, clunky shoes and some hideous skirt lengths; proving why this label is under exclusivity – to the Mennonites.

Next up, Elizabeth and James.

Here are the four things I liked from this label. Unfortunately I only liked the blazer with the fur trim because it reminded me of something from the first Row collection. The other three things also looked familiar, possibly from high street shops.

These lines aren’t very imaginitive. Selling designs, that can be bought on the high street, with the Olsen’s name on it and a higher price tag is too conformist. Which is something the Olsen’s, in past years, have tried to shy away from.


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